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Journey with me on a pilgrimage
of creativty and self-discovery

All workshops are designed to be welcoming to the artist and non-artist alike. 

As an Expressive Arts Educators and Contemplative Artist I teach with the intention of sparking creativity and encouraging self-expression. Each class is a pilgrimage to nourish your inner life and nurture self-care

Visual Journaling

The Contemplative Artist
Visual Journaling + Poetry as Expressive Practice

Discover the relationship between contemplative practice, inspiration and creativity using the expressive arts as you follow the creative thread of your own intuition.  Each of us is born with an innate capacity for creativity and self-expression. Through poetry and a visual journal practice   you will cultivate a creative way to express and record experiences, feelings, and emotional reactions. As we enter into the creative process as a meditation practice the contemplative mind is opened resulting in a flow of ideas and inspiration offering ways of expressing contemplative insight through the combination of meditation and artistic practice.

Slow  Stitching

Slow Stitching
Mark Making with Thread

Focusing on the journey of the needle and thread on cloth is akin to taking a walk, with slow, deliberate movements to create calm and focus. Explore “slow making” as we stitch mindfully to bring a more meaningful and thoughtful approach to mark making with thread. We will take inspiration from textile traditions, such as American patchwork east Indian Kantha and  Japanese Boro. We will explore mindful meanderings on cloth as we repurpose and reuse fabric scraps to make small studies for future inspiration. Before we stitch we will being  with a guided mindfulness meditation to cultivate creativity and intuition, and imagination 


Breathe + Create
A Mindful Approach to Making

Mindfulness is a practice of maintaining moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions and sensations. Mindfulness is the acceptance of what is happening without judgment. Blending mindfulness and the expressive arts cultivates present-moment awareness of the breath, body, thoughts, emotions, and the creative impulse. Through  rich, multisensory experiences, you will experientially and creatively move between internal worlds and external experiences to develop a stronger a mind-body connection  When practicing creative mindfulness, we strengthen our mind, body, and heart so that we can live more fully in the present moment.

Self care

The Art of Self Care
Cultivating Balance through Expressive Arts

When was the last time you did something creative? The need for deeply restorative creative renewal and self care is essential in today’s busy world.  With the focus on the creative process versus the artistic product explore how to move through internal struggles, emotions, and challenges using muliti-modal expressive arts activities and mindfulness to find your center and regain balance. In the process you will learn more about yourself and reduce stress, increase calm and self-awareness. Together your inner artist and inner healer will awaken creative self-expression as you explore color, mark and image as a tool for health and well-being. Become inspired to develop a personal on-going visual journal practice for personal growth to cultivate joy and balance.

Soon to be available as a monthly online creative retreat!


There is no art without contemplation. Robert Henri

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